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Nikola Materne 2021 Blick nach  vorn.JPG

Singer-songwriter and vocal coach Nikola Materne writes and performs with her bands "Bossanoire“ and "Sphere," works as a singer in several other musical projects, writes songs for film and theatre, and records and produces vocalists in the studio. As a vocal coach, she's worked for more than 25 years with soloists, choirs, and bands, teaching in her singing studio and holding workshops. Since 2009, she also lectures pop vocals and didactics at the University of Münster. 

Nikola studied music in Münster and Hamburg, getting a degree as a singing teacher in the method of “functional voice training.” She has also received further education in singing topics such as jazz improvisation, belting, breathing techniques, yoga, and more. She has written two books about singing in popular styles, and hosts her own podcast.

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