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Peter von Wienhardt, born in Budapest in 1966 and raised in Germany, has travelled (nearly) everywhere in the world as a musician. He won many prizes (among others Cziffra-Liszt, Deutscher Musikrat, Echo Klassik etc.) and has published manifold recordings as a soloist, with orchestras and chamber music with great artists. Wienhardt's special mark is his constant musical exploration of new shores. Thus it is that information, improvisation, recomposition and cadencing are not merely a part of his life as a whole, but also of his music. Life and Music are journey and change. His technical and sight reading facilities have empowered him to build an enormous repertoire; his artistic interest is more and more directed at unexplored musical territory. Since 2006 he holds the chair for piano and crossover in Münster and is Managing Director of the Aaserenaden Münster.

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